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MOAI Living is 24 hour Senior Care Community of like-minded individuals, young and old, who believe longevity should be embraced.  While some MOAI participants are residents, others are active contributors to the communal living environment that has organically manifested in our active living center.  We believe that the aging process is easier, more fun, and rewarding with the active support of others.


MOAI offers a variety of services, amenities, and personalities that have been created, adapted, and evolved into a system that best allows for all members to enjoy an active lifestyle, regardless of physical and mental deficiencies.  Additionally, we believe in continual improvement and are always open to integrating new systems and activities that will best enhance the quality of our MOAI.


From farm animals to workshops to reading groups, we are sure that you will find a connection within MOAI Living that will allow you and/or your loved one to embrace longevity.


MOAI is owned and operated by a Carmichael family with deep roots in the local community.  From child birthing to debilitating accidents to death, we have encountered the cycle and challenges of life, which allows us to empathize with others who are encountering such challenges themselves.


MOAI is only able to operate as a complete unit via the whole-hearted participation of each of its participants which includes MOAI Staff, Family, Residents, and Members.  Each is unique and all are invaluable.



MOAI Administrator

A local through and through, Craig studied business at CSU Sacramento and was headed in a different direction when he was involved in a serious accident that nearly cost him his life.  The experience of being bedridden for six months and learning to walk again allowed Craig to understand what it’s like to lose one's abilities and to depend on others to accomplish basic daily activities.  During this recovery, Craig found a connection with seniors as a caregiver and now works with seniors of varying capacities on a full-time basis.


Assisted Living Administrator

Carolina first came to Carmichael in 2000 and fell in love with it.  She studied Design before starting a family with Craig.  Carolina is caring, compassionate, sensitive to the needs of others and is the matriarch of MOAI. Carolina’s mother is a semi-annual resident of MOAI as well as a gourmet chef while in town.



Wellness Director

Angie is fun, enthusiastic, and filled with positivity.  She is actively involved in Yoga, Tai Chi, and Meditation and brings her youthful enthusiasm to everyone she encounters. She also has deep roots in Carmichael, is a loving wife of 20 years, and proud mother of two incredible, young gentlemen. Angie ensures that each Member of MOAI is actively involved in a manner that best meets the needs of that person.


Activities Director

Amy is a Sacramento native and brings the compassion and concern for others that has made her such a wonderful mother, wife and friend of the Carmichael community.  Amy has a shining spirit and infectious smile that brings life to MOAI.  You will find her conversing with residents, understanding them and interacting in her own very special way.  Amy will personalize an activity routine for each Member of MOAI based on their interests, abilities and recommendations of medical professionals.


I had an emergency while visiting my sister in Sacramento, I broke my pelvis. The first person to come to mind to help was Craig. He made me feel confortable throughout the months-long recovery process including transportation to all my appointments. Very grateful for his compassion and proffesionalism.

Susan Voyten

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